2019 LOI Central Mexico Well # 1


Jan 2-5, 2019


Santa Miguel Tianguizolco (Middle School)



Initial Contact:


Care taker:

Parent Cohort


Cistern 2.5m x 2.5m x 2m

Liters per minute:

20 liters per minute

People served:

200 children and 10 staff


We are so thankful to Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope for helping us with this huge need.  Even though we are very poor we do love our children.  We just cannot provide for them as we would like to.  This cistern gives us the ability to allow our kids to go to the bathroom and be able to flush the toilets.  It gives our kids the ability to wash their hands.  It also allows our kids to learn better by having sanitary conditions.  The teachers also benefit from having conditions where they can simply focus on the children and their lessons.  We are very appreciative of the very generous act of love and care.  May God bless you for your labor of love.