TANZANIA 2023 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 1

TANZANIA 2023 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 1

Group Name:

Upendo – Mwadobana


-2.701730 – 33.829789

Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group of people.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6”reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

27 families with 187 people.


June 20, 2023.


In spite of having a nearby pump, people in this group used to get water from this open stream, where they recently believed that the Earth goddess used to be there. People from various places came to worship there as it never gets dry for the entire year (pictures attached) with miraculous signs. Picture shows where they were washing their clothes in this dirty, contaminated stream. They were also bathing in it, along with all the animals that get into it.
I told them about Jesus, the almighty God that should only be worshipped and offered them the Solar powered cassettes, with the new testament, Bible stories and worship music (radios as they call them). They were incredibly happy about the new water well from Life Outreach International. They thank you and all your donors. They said this will change their health for the better with this new water well.