October 8th, 2015

GPS Coordinates

19°3’7” N 98°24’11” W


Cistern, water catchment and filter box


2.5 Mts x 2.5 Mts. X 2 Mts.

People Served:



We handed out 7 filters and we had four people trust the Lord. There is nothing so gratifying as seeing the fruit of your labor. Recently, we had the privilege of doing a water project for a church in the village of Acuecomec. It is a sleepy little town nestled in the mountains that borders the volcano Popcatepetl. Calvary Fellowship arrived ready to work, and work they did. To date this team finished a cistern faster than any precious team by an entire day. However, the real work and the real fruit came after.

Each day began with a wonderful breakfast at the BAM Center followed by a devotional led by one of the team members. This team was not shy about eating which made the kitchen staff swell with pride. Grounding each day with the Word of God puts all of us on the right track from the get go. We would then load up the vehicles with tools, materials lunches and lots of water. After a short scenic drive out to the job-site the PA crew hit the ground running. Everyone on the team pitched in wherever needed. This cooperation is what lead to the speedy construction. The first day we made a rebar mat and poured the floor while placing the corner steel. The second day we built the walls and the third day we did the roof.

It was a fast pace, but after the days work we could see the results. Knowing this was going to be a huge blessing to a church that struggled with water issues was also very satisfying. Several times during the construction we ran out of water. In the afternoons we would peel off a few of the guys to go out into the villages and hand out water filters, share their testimony and then share the Gospel. We had four people trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and once again God granted us the privilege of seeing results. One of the persons that trusted Christ really touched my heart.

Here name is Fernanda and she has a teenage crippled boy in a wheel chair. She is a single mom. We prayed that God would lead us to the right house and this is where we felt lead. We didn’t even have a filter at that time. She was kind enough to let us into her home and was patient enough to all two of the team to share their testimony. After the testimonies we asked permission to share the Gospel, she agreed to listen. We shared the Gospel and she asked a few questions and we clarified a few points and finally she was ready to accept Jesus. I asked her to ready Romans 10:9-10 and she looked down and said under her breath, “I don’t know how to read.” So I turned to the young man who was with us from the church and asked him to read – he could not read. I read the verse, she trusted Jesus and than I was able to give her the gift of an audible Bible. She was very moved and so were we. The gift of water got us into the village, the gift of potable water got us into the homes and the gift of eternal water got us a front seat watching a soul pass into eternal security