Be Apart of the Wells of Hope's Capital Campaign Initiative

Through fundraising efforts and donations, Wells of Hope has been able to make a significant impact on communities in need. With continued support, this initiative has the potential to make an even greater impact on the world.

Here are the items that are needed the most at this time:

Replacement of the 2005 Toyota truck
Three motorcycles (Current ones are 15 years or older)
Solar powered audio bibles to help the needy villages and getting the word out.
Complete repair kit for the top of the RV, along with all new roof vents and a new vinyl floor for inside of RV. The RV was made in 2006 and was out in the elements until we moved it into the new storage building. Once repaired, we will pull the RV to the well site for our team, so they can avoid travelling back to the base at night. Traveling at night is very dangerous for many reasons.

We are gearing towards making these changes and upgrades as soon as possible,but we need your help. From the new storage building, the terrain to and from these remote areas is extremely hard on the equipment. We need this equipment to do site surveys, install new water wells and repair old broken water wells.   Just to give you an idea, prior to having the Toyota truck, it was necessary to take all well equipment out to the villages with an Ox cart.

Storage Building Completion

For the first time in Wells of Hope history, which started in 2000, we finally have all of our equipment, vehicles, parts, and support equipment secured and under one roof in the new storage building. Previously, everything was scattered out in various locations and in the elements.

What Do We Need?

Funds to build men and women’s dorms within the new storage building. These dorms will accommodate US teams coming in to help support our Tanzanian teams. The teams will be helping with installing new water wells, repairing broken water wells, along with intensive Health and Hygiene training, and other duties as assigned.

The doors for the dorms will be secured inside with locking doors from inside each room, and the floors will be tiled and walls with new stucco and painted. Plenty of light as the new storage building has ample electricity. Each dorm will accommodate nine people for a total of eighteen, nine men, and nine women, absolutely no mixing.

The new storage building has new lavatories, with tiled floors and walls. The teams from the US, upon arrival need to make schedules for utilization of lavatories, as they are designed for our water well team, and that’s small.

Six sets of bunk beds. Three bunk beds for men and three bunk beds for women. Each bunk bed will accommodate three people, so triple high, single bunk beds.
Eighteen single mattresses with protective covers, for the triple bunk beds. Eighteen matching sheets and pillows for the triple bunk beds. Protective covers for all.
One Window air conditioner for each Dorm.

Night security guard 

Year-round support for utilities on the storage building, along with maintenance of building and on all equipment.


Wells Of Hope Campus

Become a part of the Wells of Hope’s Capital Campaign Initiative for a new campus.

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With your help, we will meet the ever-evolving needs of the Tanzanian people.

Donating to a worthy cause can have a profound impact on these people’s lives and the world we live in. By supporting this cause, you can help make a positive change in your community and around the globe.

Please open your heart and donate today. 

We do not have a moment to lose.

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Every little bit helps, so don't underestimate the impact of your contribution. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for all. God Bless!
Tim Mullville
Wells of Hope President

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