Diesel Truck

We have a need of a truck to get to the remote locations to do the new wells. Currently, it is very time-consuming and difficult. We were previously using an OX Cart to get all of the supplies out to the remote sites. This takes more than one trip and lots of time. We can get a very good diesel truck in the neighborhood of $20,000.00. This will allow us to get to more villages; reaching more people with the Word of the Lord.

GER Underground Water Locator

Price: $2,575

Wells of Hope Pump


Pump spare kits

We currently need 2 at $50 Each

Solar Bible


Solar Bibles

We need to purchase more Solar Bible Stories.

The new solar bibles include the new testament bible stories and Christian music.

The cost for one of the Solar Bible Stories is $30.00. We currently are in the need of 300 for a total cost of $9,000.




We need for someone to donate , or purchase a good keyboard. Specifically a YAMAHA-PSRS 970. The cost in Tanzania to purchase a YAMAHA-PSRS 970 is $1,800.00 USD. This will provide Christian music at all well sites, villages, churches and church functions outside the church.




We have a need for NORTH MEXICO. This would be for a donation of a 16 passenger van or a Minivan. This will be used in drilling new water wells, but will also provide transportation for the people that don’t have a way to get to church, get necessary dry goods, clothing and medical attention.

Wells of Hope Pump


Water Points

Cost for New Water Well, Spring Box and Cistern, $4,500.00 each.