Donor Spotlight: LIFE Outreach International

Donor Spotlight: LIFE Outreach International

Photo Credit: Life Today | James and Betty Robison |

According to Life Today, James Robinson and his wife Betty have been spreading the Gospel to the masses through their powerful ministry for several decades. At the young age of 18, James was led by God to enter into ministry, and he quickly began speaking in churches. Soon, doors opened for him to hold crusades in stadiums and indoor arenas across the nation, drawing in more than 20 million attendees.

James & Betty Robison have continued their ministry through television, bringing the message of Christ to even more people around the world. Thanks to their unwavering dedication, more than 2 million individuals have made decisions for Christ through their ministry. James & Betty Robison’s impact on spreading the Gospel cannot be understated, and their work has truly been a blessing to countless individuals.

LIFE Outreach International, founded by James, is a continued supporter of Wells of Hope, since the year 2014. We are so very grateful for our relationship and can’t say enough on how much it has been a blessing to us; it’s almost overwhelming to think about.

Previously [before LOI started supporting us] we were only able to do 2 or 3, maybe 4 wells a year, however with LOI’s support we’re now doing around 32 wells each year! Thanks to LOI, we’ve been able to reach hundreds and hundreds more with physical water but even more importantly, the spiritual water, just like the woman at the well! 

Thank you, James & Betty Robison and God bless your organization!