Before Wells of Hope

Thomas (Tom) Ray Fontenot – In 2000 Tom started Tanzania and continued his work there, till Tom went home to be with the Lord on March 06, 2016. Danny Roy – in 2011 Danny came on board to help Tom Fontenot. Danny is currently  still helping the indigenous in Tanzania. Danny normally travels each year from the States around September / October to Tanzania.

Wells of Hope is Born

The birth of Wells of Hope came in 2006 as a 501 c-3 nonprofit. With ten years from start up, we have been blessed with three missionaries serving in the field for over sixteen years each. Wells of Hope was formed by Janice Character and a few friends, to provide the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ and clean water to the northern part of the country of Nigeria. Due to the danger and prohibitive cost to put a water point in, they decided to find other options.

Tom Fontenot heard about Wells of Hope and came to Janice Character and other board members to request support from them for Tanzania. Wells of Hope decided to do so and voted Tom Fontenot and Danny Roy onto their board.

New Country – Mexico

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Basile. Tom has 21 plus years in the mission field with his wife and four boys. Tom has been providing water to the needy approximately eleven years. Tom started with Wells of Hope in 2015 and currently is still helping the indigenous in Mexico in and around the out skirts of Puebla.

Felix Moreno. Felix has many years providing water wells in the Northern part of Mexico since 2005.Felix also started with Wells of Hope in 2015 and currently is still helping the indigenous in Northern Mexico.

New President / CEO

Timothy (Tim) Mulville

Tim was asked by the Board of Wells of Hope to take over at the helm of Wells in October of 2014. Tim accepted the position and current is still serving in this position. Tim has approximately 25 years NGO experience in working with water solutions, throughout the World.