Jardin de Ninos Leonardo Davinci

Jardin de Ninos Leonardo Davinci


Jardin de Ninos Leonardo Davinci Ejido la Sierrita Municipio de Matamoros GPS N 25’59.441 W 097’53.240


Total Depth- 27′ Static Level- 10′ 40 Liters per minute

People Served:

15 people


This kindergarten is located on the outskirts of Matamoros. This ejido is in the middle of Matamoros and Rio Bravo which makes it hard to get any government help because it is between both municipals. They didn’t have water for toilets or any personal use or cleaning. Thank you for giving us one of the most needed resources, water. Now our kids don’t have to suffer from illnesses that come from not washing their hands. No more cases of diarrhea or parasites. Thank you so much.