Jardin de ninos Rosalinda Guerrero Gambo Ejido

Jardin de ninos Rosalinda Guerrero Gambo Ejido Jose Delgado,

Valle Hermoso Tamaulipas

N25’51.101 W097’51.235

Initial contact:


Care taker:



Casing 1.5”

Total depth 27’ feet

Static level 10’ feet

Pump 3/4 horse

40 Liters per minute

People served:



Our school is located in a rural area called Jose Delgado. We are an institute that provides education for our small children. We have been doing this for the past 25 years. For the past few years it has been affected in many ways.

One of them being the insecurity due to the drug wars and many people have left town. With fewer people in town, fewer people are paying their water bills, so the local government isn’t providing public water. We had a desperate need for a water well. Now with the water you provided, we can provide better services for the children of the institute, Thank you.