LOI – Central Mexico – Well #1 Report for Puebla




N 19° 09’ 53.5”    E 98° 25’ 30.6”

Initial contact:

Arnulfo Seynos


Arnulfo Seynos




10’ x 10’ x 10’

People served:

2 families 65 People


I am very thankful for this water project.  I have dreamed of doing this Business As Mission (BAM) for a long time.  I want to use this ministry to bless others.  I have a grafting nursery.  I teach those working with me how to graft certain strands of apples, peaches and other fruit trees in the area to produce the healthiest and tastier versions.  Having our own source of water next to the nursery is extremely important to all that we do.  Thank you so much for your generous gift to us and our community.  Please pray as we bless our neighbors and fellow farmers with these improved fruit tree and in the process share our faith and we grow our business.