MX – Tom – LOI 2016 Puebla-Xalixintla


Xalixintla, Puebla




Lat: N19*081.1652 Lng:W98*516.513

Initial contact:

The Initial contact was María Felix who happens to be the education coordinator for San Nicolas de los Ranchos. She put us in touch with the mayor of Xalixintla.

Care taker:

Alfredo Rios Tequianes


We built a 3x3x2.5 water cistern.

People served:

The cistern was built on the local municipality grounds where about 14 people work but it will benefit a village of 2,000.


Last week we built a cistern in a village where about 2,000 people live. It took us about a week to finish the whole project. Several people from the village came up to us and asked us why we were doing this for them and how much it was going to cost. We told them we were doing it because it was a way of showing them the Love Jesus showed for us on the cross. One person asked me how much it was going to cost them and I told them that it was completely free. Another one asked if this was going to bless the whole village and I told them that it was built to bless as many people as possible.