North Mexico 2018 LOI Well # 2

Group Name:

Hardin de Ninos Cristobal Colon, Kinder.


N 25*46.2724”” W 97*47.765”

Initial contact:

Felipe Cortez


Nancy Castillo, Principal

Total Depth:

26’ 0” feet

Static Level:

8’ 0” feet




Electric: GPM: 4.75.


May 11, 2018

 People served:

10 Families 39 people.


This community has a big problem with the water supply. Most of the time there is no water. We also have a big problem wit the bad people, breaking into the school and using the bathrooms. They are leaving a mess when the kids to school and need to use the bathrooms as there is no water. So, we want to thank Life Outreach International for this new water well. The school or parents can not afford to pay for it. We also want to thank you for distributing new Bibles to the teachers and school children. Once again thank you and God bless you.