North Mexico 2018 LOI Well # 3

Group Name:

Jardin de Ninos, “Irene Martinez Montoya”


N 25*43.2085” W 97*48.5825”

Initial contact:

Felipe Cortez


Lorena Estrada Hernandez

Total Depth:

32’.80” feet

Static Level:

11’ 0” feet




Electric: GPM: 9.25.


May 17, 2018

 People served:

7 Families 25 people


This institution has many problems with insecurity. We have people breaking in and scaring us. The school kids when they are trying to get away from the corrupt military is very scary. We have a lot of violence in our community, which is a small community and has no city water. The government has provided food to feed the kids, but it is difficult and unsanitary to cook with out water. We have no water to wash the fruits, vegetables, to wash utensils, pans and dishes. We have bathrooms but no water. We thank you so on behalf of the teachers, parents and kids for these two new water well. Thanks to Life Reach International for reaching out to us. This will make our job so much easier and we are now serving lunch to our kids. Thank you for the Bibles given to the school kids and teachers. God bless you.