North Mexico 2018 LOI Well # 5

Group Name:

Christina Mexico Center for the deaf, Rio Bravo Tamaulipas       



Initial contact:

Felix Cedillo


Efrain Escorts

Total Depth:

35 feet

Static Level:

9 feet




Electric: GPM:8 gallons per minute


July 04, 2018

 People served:

Families: 2  People: Hundreds come to the campus for water.


When I oversaw the Methodist Church of The Good Shepherd in New Progreso, Tam., in the year 1999, a man came to the congregation of the Fam. Bautista. He had a small deaf child, three years of age who’s his name was Blas.
Things changed with the arrival of Blas. Blas had behaviors very aggressive which included throwing stones or balls of paper at the people during the service. Blas pulled the hair of the girls, annoyed the children, beating them up in the head or the back. When the sisters came to the altar, Blas rummaged through the bags of the women to collect sweets or money.
Biaz interrupted the blessing during the services we had till church was over. The members of the congregation began to show rejection towards the small Blas. No child wanted to get close to him and the dads drove off small Blas.
Neither the congregation nor I as a pastor knew how to handle these new circumstances. Simply, we rejected Blas from our own ignorance. We did not understand the behavior of little Blas. Blas was shouting to tell us saying: look at me, here I am, and I need attention. After a time, I realized that the only way that Blas had to call the attention of the people was the aggression. With his deafness he did not know how to communicate with people.
This attitude of rejection was extended to the people of the colony. Accordingly, as Blas grew, he was becoming more aggressive. The people began to assault him which formed a vicious circle of violence between Blas and the people. This was getting to the point of total rejection of the greater people of the town. Blas was taking things from the people in their home, their vehicles or business. Blas was throwing stones hitting people, vehicles, and houses. Finally, Blas was taken to the guardianship for minors as he was taking money out of the interior of a house. The situation became unsustainable.
The parents of Blas consulted with me as a Pastor and I advised them to take Blas to Mexico Centers Christians for the Deaf, B.C. (MCCS), which is located on the outskirts of the city of Rio Bravo, Tam. They refused, and things got even worse.
In the year 2007, I took charge of the management of MCCS, I immediately got in touch with the parents of Blas to invite them to allow Blas to join the program of MCCS. After months of resistance, the parents of Blas agreed to the fact of not knowing what to do with the unmanageable behaviors of Blas.
They integrated Blas into the program of MCCS. Through this Blas’s aggressiveness began to wane, since he was learning a new way to communicate, by using sign language. Little by little Blas was becoming a young man. He was even smiling. Through the program, the behavior modification of MCCS Blas became a very nice, polite and helpful young man. Two years ago, the father of Blas told me that the Pastor, and people in New Progress, asked what he did to Blas and where did they take him?  They said Blas is now very pleasant, and not pushy. It’s amazing his change. The father of Blas thanked me a lot for the work we have done with his son. We trained Blas for the job and is currently working in a maquiladora in the city of Reynosa, Tam.
One of the most amazing moments with Blas was when he decided to put his faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized.
The transformation of Blas has been possible through the work of the staff of MCCS, with the guidance and help of God working with the deaf in the region to provide them with opportunities to improve their life and reach them for Christ. But MCCS could not accomplish its work without the support and prayers of many people. Their donations make it possible to fulfill our mission of reaching the deaf for Christ.
Wells of Hope and Life Outreach International is one of the groups that makes the work of MCCS possible. We are grateful for the support they have provided us with the drilling and equipping of two wells on the Campus of our institution. These two new wells allow us to have water to meet the needs of staff 

and the deaf that make use of our facilities.
Thank you for these two wells, and may God return the blessing upon all those who make it possible to have these two new wells.

With gratitude,

J. Efraín Escorza T.
Director General