North Mexico 2019 WOH Well # 4

Group Name:

Iglesia Bautista el Alfarero, Colonia San Francisco, Río Bravo



Initial contact:

Sergio Barrera


Jesus Alberto

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 7.40


May 29, 2019

People served:

15 Families  75 people  


Dear brother our new church wants to say hello to Wells of Hope and Life Reach International and thank you for the beautiful blessing of this new water well, at our new church.

We have a lot of needs, one of them been water. As you probably know México is growing in violence which is the new way of life. Our church is located on the out skirts of Río Bravo and is a place where a Lot of the cartel people get together here.

We see and hear lots of shootings. Lots of times we have to cancel services because of the shootings. Our church is made of wood, so we are afraid of a bullet going through the walls and killing someone. This new well gives as hope and faith to continue preaching, even to the cartel when we have the opportunity. Thank you so much for this blessing.

New Bibles and Children’s story books were given out and this is a big blessing to our new church.