North Mexico 2020 LOI Well # 1

Group Name:

Escuela Primaria Pedo J Mendez, Location Ejido Pricscilliano Delgao, Mexico


N25*59.40” W97*58.24”

Initial contact:

Pastor Felipe Cortez


Jaime Ivan Wallet

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 7


May 29, 2020

People served:

16 students and 2 teachers Families in area 72 people


Our school is now serving 16 students and two teachers .
It is a very rural school located on the outside of town making it a very unsafe place, because of the drug cartel and the violence, they create.
Many families have move out of town for that same reason as the drug cartel people move around this area.
Our school had many more students, however these families moved away from their homes and jobs for safety.
Now it is hard to keep the school running there is no money to pay for water bills electricity etc.
With this pandemic water is very necessary to keep this school running. We thank Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope and your ministries, for giving us the gift of this new water well. May God richly bless you. Without this new water well, being in our community for the safety of our students we would not be able to open the school for our students.
Pastor Cortez passed out new Bibles to the students along with the teachers and presented them the opportunity to accept the Lord Jesus.