North Mexico 2020 LOI Well # 3

Group Name:

Templo Sinai Asamble de Dios, address, Ejido Vicente Guerrero



Initial contact:

Pastor Felipe Cortez


Pastor Juan Garcia

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 7.93


June 04, 2020

People served:

42 People and Families in area 10


The biggest challenge to serve in a church like this is that it is a very rural area, a place where there a lot of needs to be met.
This is a very needy and unsecured area. In many occasions, we have been in extremely dangerous situations.
One time the drug cartel shot bullets into our van while transporting people to the church. Only by the grace of God we managed to get home okay.
We also have a lot of economic issues as everyone lives very poorly, but God has always been faithful, providing for our needs for us.
To only speak on the bad stuff would be wrong because we see the hand of God every day and getting this new well is one of those things once again God provided through you. Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope has supply one of our biggest needs, providing this new water well.
On behalf of myself and all the congregation, I want to thank you for this wonderful blessing thank you and God bless you.
Pastor Cortez was so gracious to preach to our congregation and pass out new Bibles to everyone once the new water well was completed.