North Mexico 2020 LOI Well # 4

Group Name:

Templo El Olivar address, Ejido Vicente Guerrero Brecha 226 con Norte
Rio Bravo Tamaulipas


N 35° 46′ 5.79″W98° 3″ 17.17″

Initial contact:

Juan Garcia


Félix Guzmán Piscina

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 3.96


June 04, 2020

People served:

38 People and Families in area 7


This is a very rural area where we live and in extremely dangerous situations.
We have continued God’s work in the midst of all this stuff. We have continued to fight the good fight for the honor and glory of God. It has not been easy. God has always provided for us.
Now more than ever we need water in our churches, so we are able to open back again.
Water is essential what are churches are, as we need to have good hygiene, so we do not get infected with the virus.
On behalf of myself and all the congregation we would like to extend our gratitude to Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope for providing this new water well.
You and everyone that contributes to this ministry we had been praying for this well for a long time and God sent two men through this time that I have been Pastor in this church.
We have been stopped many times by the drug cartels. I have had our cars taken away buy them and our God has been faithful to providing for us.
We do ask that you keep continue praying for us and we want to thank you and God’s blessings to continue to pour out upon you.
I passed new Bibles provided to me by Pastor Cortez, and did a new well dedication unto the Lord Jesus.