North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 17

North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 17

Group Name:

Templo La Hermosa



Initial contact:

Pastor Felipe Cortez


Olga Veloz

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 6.6


September 21, 2021

People served:

25 People and Families 8.


On behalf of the church of La Hermosa, we want to thank Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope to bring this blessing of water to our village. This town does not have city water and we have a tough time getting water into the town. Because of all the delinquency there is no way to get the government help to get water into town. There is always shootings, killings, and kidnappings, therefore no one wants to come in and help. Now with covid is even harder. Thank you so much Life Outreach International for this new water well, our church members and that community appreciates it very much thank you and God bless you. For us this is America may God continue using you to bless you and everyone that participates in this ministry God bless. Pastor dedicated the well in Christ Jesus and provided new Bibles to all.