North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 18

North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 18

Group Name:

Templo El Golgota



Initial contact:

Pastor Felipe Cortez


Jaime Melo

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 6.3


September 21, 2021

People served:

35 People and Families 10.


God has allowed us to Pastor the Golgota church for 13 years now. Were we have seen the hand of God move in many different ways changing people’s hearts people’s lives coming to Christ, preaching the gospel to those in sin. We have also seen bad days. We have been in the middle of the organized crime many times we have seen families destroy and, on many occasions, we have been in the middle of shootings between one another. One time we had the group of the kids from our church, and we were in the middle of a shooting, but God’s hand protected us and , now with the pandemic we were not able to assist Church and God provided everything so we can do live Church. We have been going through some tough times. We pastors got infected with COVID and lots of the members of the church to. Our house roof was about to fall, we had no electricity, but God touched someone’s heart and helped us to put a roof on the house . Always in the middle of trouble we see God’s hand move and this well and this pump it is a sign that God is in control. This well and this pump are a blessing to our church members and our community. This gives us hope to know that God is in control that God still uses people to bless others. On behalf of our church and our community we want to thank you Life Outreach International, and your ministry, and everyone involved. God bless Life Outreach International, and once again thank you. Pastor Felipe and Pastor Felix provided new Bibles for us.