North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 20

North Mexico 2021 LOI Well # 20

Group Name:

Rancho: La Esquinita



Initial contact:

Pastor Felipe Cortez


Ulises Mora

Total Depth:


Static Level:





Electric: GPM: 2.64


September 04, 2021

People served:

13 People and Families 6.


Thank you Life Outreach International and Wells of Hope. At this time, I want to thank you for providing us with the new well and the pump. Now we are able to have water in these communities. Because we live in a very rule area the government does not think water lines are necessary. Living in these conditions and having my father being disabled and needing to be cleaned, washed and bath constantly. Now with everything that is going on with the pandemic and the Cartel, it is almost impossible to get any kind of help with water in town, and we have no means of hauling water from different towns around. We thank Life Outreach International for this new well and those who installed the pump, and the people that provide for this ministry, thank you very much we will never forget. We will be praying for your ministry to continue to bless all those communities without water. Thank you Life Outreach International and God bless you. Pastor Felipe gave us all new Bibles and dedicated the new well.