North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 16

North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 16

Group Name:

Jose Teran Berrones



Initial contact:

Felipe Cortes




Ana Biga Rocio Lopez

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

5 families with 31 people.


August 18, 2022.

Testimony :

We want to take this time to thank you Wells of Hope, and your ministry. We are incredibly grateful to you and every one that makes this possible including pastor Felix and pastor Felipe for been the channel of this blessing. We have always had a problem with not having water, but our neighbor friends would share theirs with us . The problem now is that they are also struggling with not having enough water. They only get water at night time, and only just enough to do their daily cleaning, sometimes not even enough for themselves. We have had to get rid of our animals because they need water too. It has been a very dry summer; our rivers and dams are dry. farmers are losing their crops and lot of their animals. With prices of gas being so high it makes it harder for us to go into different towns to get water to bring to our homes. School is going to start soon, our kids are going to need their uniform wash, and we also need to have a better hygiene. We are so incredibly grateful to you Wells of Hope, and to this ministry that brings water into the communities that are struggling to get this vital liquid. Make God-bless you and everyone that participates in this ministry. We pray for you and your families and everyone that needs this water, that they may to get this wonderful gift. Thank you and God-bless you. c