North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 18

North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 18

Group Name:

Poblado Anahuac



Initial contact:

Martin Garcia


: Juan Antonio Gonzales

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

5 families with 23 people.


August 31, 2022.

Testimony :

First of all, I want to thank God, the pastors, and Wells of Hope in this ministry for making it possible for us to have water. Water is not something that you can live without is a necessity for every living thing. This will be a benefit for my family and the families that live around us. We have no water in our land. no city water, therefore, we have to carry it from far away. Now days the places where we used to carry it from, they also have no water most of all the state of Tamaulipas is without water, making it impossible for us . We go days without doing laundry, cleaning etc. Now with our kids starting school we have to wash their uniforms, give them a bath. We had been praying to God for a miracle because this well is a miracle from God. Thank you so much for this gift for making this new water well possible. We pray and declare blessings to everyone that is part of this beautiful ministry, thank you and God bless you. Thank you, Wells of Hope, and God bless you. Pastor Felix and Pastor Felipe dedicated this new water well in Jesus’s name and gave us all new Bibles.