North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 20

North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 20

Group Name:

Jardin De Niños Teresita Gutierrez



Initial contact:

Felipe Cortes


: Lizbeth Salazar

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

13 families with 16 people.


October 10, 2022.

Testimony :

The community of Jardin de Niños Teresita Gutierres is incredibly grateful for this well and pump donated by Wells of Hope. This kindergarten is in a very rural area, and we have sixteen students and their families, which will benefit from this new water well. For many years, this community did not have a kindergarten, so our kids had to go to first grade not knowing all the basics. Thankfully, we now have this building to have our kindergarten, but we had no water, and we struggled. As we did not have water to keep the building clean or sanitize. No water for toilets or to wash their hands. As a teacher I am incredibly grateful for this blessing, and on the behalf of all the parents we want to say thank you Wells of Hope, and God-bless you. We want to thank pastor Felix, and pastor Felipe for putting us in contact with this ministry. We pray and declare blessings to everyone that contributes to this ministry. This will definitely help these children to have a better start in life. Education is especially important as water is to our daily living. Pastor Felix and Pastor Felipe passed out new Bibles to everyone, and dedicated this new water well in the name of Jesus Christ.