North Mexico 2023 – WOH – NEW WELL #11

North Mexico 2023 – WOH – NEW WELL #11

Group Name:

Ejido Empalme



Initial contact:

Felipe Cortes


Carmen Bustos

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

3 families with 17 people.



Testimony :

The families mentioned in this report are incredibly grateful to Life Outreach International for this benefit of the new water well. This would be a major help for us, our kids, adults, and disable people in our community. This year has been very hot . It is so hot; lots of our kids are getting diarrhea. They are getting sick for the lack of this fluid water. For years we have had to ask people to give us water. But you might know that this area has been an area where there is hardly any water, especially in the summer, and this summer is extremely hot. We have to go far away to be able to bring water into a community. Nowadays not even our neighboring community has water or at least not enough to share with us. In order to haul water from another place you have to have a truck, water tanks to hold the water which we don’t . We have a tough time getting water for cleaning and even taking baths. There are so many challenges to finding water, one is economical, another one financial because we do not have money to pay for gasoline. It also puts us in danger since there’s always shootings and kidnapping . We just do not see any hope. We feel very blessed and very loved by God when Life Outreach International provided this new water. We want to thank Life Outreach International so very much for this wonderful gift you have given us, it brings joy into our lives. Thank you so much. Pastor Felipe dedicated the water well in Jesus’s name and provided us with new Bibles.