North Mexico 2023 – WOH – NEW WELL #13

North Mexico 2023 – WOH – NEW WELL #13

Group Name:

Poblado Empalme


N25.894294° W97.805616

Initial contact:

Felipe Cortes


Teresa Sandoval E spinosa

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

6 families with 16 people.



Testimony :

The reason we as ked for this new water well is because in the area that we live in it is extremely hard to get city water. We have a tough time getting enough water to do our daily cleaning. We are six families that have children, elderly people, and also my mother is sick. My mother had a colonoscopy, and now has a bag to be able to do her necessities. For that reason, we have to keep the place clean, so she does not get an infection. Our neighbor is an elderly person that has no car, so he has to have water haul from far away. We are incredibly grateful to Life Outreach International, for your ministry, and everyone that contributes to this ministry. We feel blessed and grateful for this gift of the new water well on behalf of all the families that will be using it. Thank you so much Life Outreach International, and for God sending you. Now, with the kids going back to school in all of this heat we will be using the new water well a lot. Things get very hard for us when kids go back to school. We have to pay tuition, uniforms, school supply, pay for water at the school, and pay for someone to bring us water or pay for gasoline. When the kids go back to school we have to wash more. This will help us a lot, thank you, and God bless you. Pastor Felipe dedicated the new water well, gave us new Bibles and preached to us about Jesus.

Date finished: