Our Process

Our Approach


Our Christian Witness, through deed, action and developing relationships to bring the Word to the World.


The bottom line: Without water, there is no sustainable development. It’s the first building block for Hygiene, Sanitation, Health, Education, Economy and Sustainability. Our approach is to help accomplish that; first, water (water points), then Hygiene, Sanitation, Health, Education, Economy and Sustainability.

Jesus Christ

Through deed, action and relationship building, using water points as the starting point to help accomplish this for the indigenous. The door opens through physical water we give to them. Then the opportunity is there for them to come to the Spiritual Living Water which is the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.


To do all projects with excellence.To go deeper with what we do and not go wider. To help provide Spiritual Leadership. To help provide leadership along with the proper tools, equipment and training to the indigenous for sustainability at grass roots level. In helping the indigenous with reportability to us; therefore, taking pride of ownership of their projects for sustainable for years to come. Then every year as needed we will support them with recurrent training.

Health & Hygiene

The starting point is when water becomes available for the first time in a village. The water that looks perfectly good coming from that water point is really Zero. That water point that equals Zero will become potable water by implementing Health, Hygiene and Sanitation training which is commonly known as WASH. By going forward with Wells of Hope, we will integrate WASH as part of the total program where it has not been initiated prior; as well, as taking it deeper to the needy where it has been used previously.