Salud Poblado Soleda


SSA Centro de Salud Poblado Soleda
Ejido Ebanito Nuevo
Director: Juan Manuel Galva
GPS N25’55.989 W 097’54.803


Total Depth – 27′
Static Level – 8’
40 Liters per minute

People Served:

981 people


This water point is at a health clinic a mile away from the Poblado la Soledad. This town has been very affected by the violence in this area. We have had many shootings which made some families leave the town. Grocery stores have closed and the church’s had to close because of all the violence. Many people left town but the people that had nowhere to go stayed and are in great need of this facility. The well is really a sign of hope from God, letting us know He is with us in this time of trouble. Thank you so much, this well is a blessing to our town.