Storage Building Dedication & Update

Storage Building Dedication & Update

Ft. Andrew preformed the dedication, and as you can see in these pictures, he blessed the new storage building inside and out. 

Fr. Andrew’s, now at the Diocese headquarters, which is right around the corner from the new storage building, was very generous to bring in the choir from the other parsonage he previously served at, which is quite a distance away.

"Personally, this was very moving to me and helps our cause going forward."
Tim Mullville
Wells of Hope President

It was a Party!

Wells of Hope provided electricity, snacks, soft drinks, ribbons, balloons, etc. for this ceremony.

Turn up the volume for the two videos, they are very lively!!!

Our liaison, Peter did a great job in putting this all together.


Among several other needs in Tanzania, we are targeting these items to make the building operational for a our US teams.

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We also have a 40k donation matching program if you’d like to participate; please reach out to for more information.