Making Progress on ” A Buck a Brick”

Making Progress on ” A Buck a Brick”

Here are project pictures of the interior walls going up, brick by brick!

See video below

Savings! Savings!

Great news, the contractor that we awarded the bid to install the wall bricks, did not include the enclosure for the men’s and women’s dorms. However, his bid included extra bricks to frame out the men and women’s dorms, as on the images above.

This saves WOH, additional cost that were given by all contractors to frame it out.

At no additional cost, the brick will be six inches wide, rather than the five inches advertised. Our man on ground in Tanzania made the change (to the good), as it will cover the vertical post the supports the roof. So, the bricks are 6 inches wide, 9 inches high , by 18 inches long.

Below are videos of the finished brickwork on the dorm rooms with the donated funds from the “Buck a Brick” campaign.

The two dorm rooms brick walls will be stuccoed inside and out and then painted.

Note: The Brick walls are six inches deep and twelve feet high. This keeps the new storage much more secure and definitely helps the inside temperatures.

Help Us Complete the Storage Building

We are needing to complete the two dorms along with the windows, doors, enclosing the ceiling, celling lights, furnishing it with bunk beds, linens, pillows, shelfing and four deep wash basins.
Tim Mullville
Wells of Hope President

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