Tanzania 2019 – LOI Well # 5

Group Name:

Malamboni Nyanguge Village



Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group people

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6” reinforced cement rings


India Mark II


July 09, 2019

People served:

18 families with 136 people.


The group leader was glad to give thanks to Life Outreach International for donating this new well. He thanked God for Life Outreach International in changing their lives with this new well. What a change it makes for us to have a good Samaritan such as Life Outreach International to meet our needs; especially, with safe drinking water.

Some pictures below show just one of the places where we used to get water prior to getting this new water well.  As you can see these conditions for getting water was not safe or sanitary for drinking. It caused many health problems for all of the people in the village. The village people also thanked God for this new well provided by Life Outreach International. This not only changes our health; it also saves us time in getting good water to enable us to devote more time at home with our normal chores and family.