Tanzania 2020 – LOI WELL # 9

Tanzania 2020 – LOI WELL # 9

Group Name:

Isubata – MIPA



Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group members.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6 reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

25 families with 160 people.


November 14, 2020


It was a two-day trip for the Wells of Hope Team to reach this village and install the new well. The group leader was very thankful for this new well provided by Life Outreach International.
The old pump that served our village finally wore out and was not replaceable. This caused us to find water elsewhere and this was a great burden on all the village people. With this new well that Life Outreach International blessed us with, we have sufficient water for all the village people. We dedicated
the well using the “Radio”, the new solar Bible cassette, while reciting along with the Bible and praying over this new well. The village leader in pictures is holding up the “Radio” and is not taking pictures.
The first picture is the old well. We once again want to thank Life Outreach International for this new well and pray many blessings to you.