Tanzania 2020 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 10

Tanzania 2020 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 10

Group Name:

Wachapakazi Village; Mwanhunda 


; S02*40.795’E034*17.188′ 

Initial contact:

Peter Wilson 


The group people. 

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6” reinforced cement rings. 


India Mark II. 

People Served:

28 families with 172 people. 

Completed: December 19, 2020 


This is a very, very remote area and an exceptionally long trip to get to this area to do the well. Our team had to camp out in these villages due to the distance from home base. We had to cross over two bridges that were not the best of shape, pictures attached. This made it exceeding difficult to get our supplies and water well equipment to complete new wells. The area is close to the Serengeti national park. Therefore, some of the group members were scared of wild animals when they went to the contaminated river to get water. 

They are now incredibly happy to get the new water well close to their families and thank Life Outreach International for providing this well. They thanked God for sending Life Outreach International to come to this isolated village.