TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 1

TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 1

Group Name:

Mawemilu ‘A’-Mwakibuga


S02*34.511’E 033*57.683′

Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group people.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6”reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

22 families with 165 people.


March 04, 2022.


The group leader congratulated all those who made this happen. He said that this group was formed in 2020 and they just had an open hole that they used to get water for home uses (The first picture).
The village itself had few water pumps hence water became the main problem. Appreciation to the WOH and Life Outreach International for donating the new water well, that in one way or another, will help to eradicate the problem. This new well was dedicated to the village people in Christ Jesus.
Additional testimonies and pictures from the women, at the bottom of the well pictures:
Ester Saguda aged 56 (The first picture) said; We have one health center in the village but still with no sufficient number of workers. Taking care of the pregnant women needs someone as relative to bring water during delivery simply because there is not any source of water at the health center. In some cases, death may occur due to lack of attendants.
Minza Sayi aged 23 (The second picture) said: We have some water pumps in the village but not satisfactory to the village people. Sometimes they get dry during the dry season making people and kids drink from any water source regardless of their safety.