TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 10

TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 10

<h3>Group Name:
</h3> Chui-Igabanhilo

</h3> S02*18.110’E034*02.041′

<h3>Initial contact:
</h3> Peter Wilson

</h3> The group people.

<h3>Total Depth:
</h3> 19’5”

<h3>Static Level:
</h3> 11’5”

</h3> 6”reinforced cement rings.

</h3> India Mark II.

<h3>People Served:
</h3> 56 families with 364 people.

</h3> August 02, 2022.

</h3> The first picture shows women celebrating, expressing their happiness and gratitude to Life Outreach International for this new water well. Almost everyday Elephants come and destroys their farmyards. Yet, these wild animals have killed other people. The area is situated near the Serengeti national park boundary. For this reason, people in this area need a nearby accessibility of water. They were using water from another uncovered hole prior to getting a new pump (Picture attached). They had health problems with this uncovered hole to get water. No telling how many animals use this hole causing contamination. Glory be to God for this great achievement in Jesus’s name. Thank you for your generosity in provide us with this new water well, may God continue to bless your ministry.