TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 4

TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 4

Group Name:

Majengo -Kilalo



Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group people.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6”reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

55 families with 375 people.


April 15, 2022.


The group leader thanked both WHO’s team, and Life Outreach International for this donation of the new water well. Prior to installing this new water well, it was an uncovered hole. The village people were using ropes and buckets to get water. This of course is not safe as drawing water with ropes and buckets contaminates the well. Adding to that, animals, and rodents can fall into the well, along with run off from contaminated fields. This causes various health problems for all and especially the children. Once they needed safe water, they had to walk almost three kilometers to reach another water pump. Congratulations to Life Outreach International for providing this new water well in Jesus’ name. The health of all the villagers will change, due to clean water provide by this new water well.