TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 5

TANZANIA 2022 – LOI – WOH – WELL # 5

Group Name:

Mabatini ‘B’-Nkuli



Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group people.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6”reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

23 families with 189 people.


May 10, 2022.


People had their appreciation for the WOH and Life Outreach International to donate the new pump for them. They had to use ropes pulling water from the hole prior to fixing the new pump on. Yet they could use much time to fill their buckets .They plan to prepare other wells to serve the community which keeps them from drinking dirty water.
I met with some women and one girl in Nkuli village after the pump installation.
They shared with me some testimonies.
One of the women on the picture (Pendo Mashauri aged 35) said; “We do not have any clinic in the village. This is a great problem in our village. Once people get sick, they have to cross the river to reach at the healthcare”

A standard seven schooling girl on the second picture (Lali Kiluma aged 17) said that at the school they have sufficient number of teachers. About health matters at the school, she said there are cases of kids who suffer from drinking dirty water