Tanzania Storage Building

Tanzania Storage Building

In Tanzania, we have a need to secure all of Wells of Hope (WOH)  inventory. Currently all of (WOH)  inventory is scattered in various locations, not secure, and out in the elements. To secure all of the inventory under one roof, and secure, we are building  a new storage building, which includes a shop, lavatory for our teams with a septic system.

There will be electrical service inside the building, including lights, and  outlets. This new storage building/ shop is 2,000.00 square feet, The only entrance into the  new storage building will be four lockable 10 foot wide garage doors. This new storage building will also expedite getting the crews out to the villages much faster by not having to run all over the place to get all necessary items and equipment. Thus, enabling them to reach more villages with the Word and clean water.

Inventory going into the new storage building but not limited to this is as follows:

  1. Twenty foot storage container.
  2. Work Truck, Toyota Tundra crew cab.
  3. Thirty Two foot RV, for the field work, accommodations for crews, and WOH board members visiting.
  4. Three work motorcycles for crews.
  5. Tools, repair kits for old wells, along with complete new well sets to do new wells from top to bottom.
  6. Miscellaneous support parts, and equipment,  portable  generator, and water pump.
  7. Tri-pods with cable winches, along with well rings to complete new wells on site.
  8. Safety supplies and safety harnesses.

Within the new storage building will be a small work shop, shelfing, and storage for supplies, and other support equipment.

There will also be a lavatory, with toilet, sink, and a shower for the crews.  

The new storage building cost is $12,500.00.