Wells of Hope (WOH) Blog 2015 – 2016 for Tanzania, Africa and Mexico

To all the folks that are not aware of WOH, all state side members of WOH are volunteers including all Board members. The Tanzania indigenous team receives a small compensation for the work on the wells when doing them. The team leader receives a small compensation year around to maintain all the wells and start the process with all the different villages for the new wells. This takes a lot of negotiations and time.

Praise the Lord for His Grace!!!

By His Grace for 2015 we reached approximately 18,000 people with the word of God. Many gave their hearts to the Lord and many were baptized. Praise be to the Lord. Seed were sown and by Faith the Lord will be reaping many more in His name.

Our 2015 goal was to complete 25 water points. In His Grace, we were able to complete 28 water points. Thanks for the Tanzania team which includes Danny Roy, Peter Wilson and his team. Thanks for the Mexico team which includes Tom Basile, Felix Moranio and all of his trip teams that made this happen.

Our 2016 goal is once again to complete 25 water points. By God’s Grace we will meet these goals and potentially exceed them.

thomasrayfontenotWe started 2016 with mixed emotions. The good news is with two wells already completed in Mexico there were 40 people that came forward and gave their hearts to the Lord.

The sad news for us is that the founder of Wells of Hope, Tom Fontenot, went home to be with the Lord. Tom will be missed. Tom had a servant’s heart and was guided by the Holy Spirit to start Tanzania. Please continue to hold his wife Betty and all of his family members up in prayer as they go through this difficult time.


  1. We need $5,000.00 for solar powered Bibles stories for Tanzania in their dialect. This would provide 200 solar powered Bible stories. This starts Bible studies in the villages and from that people giving their hearts to the Lord. Along with the Bible studies it gets churches established around the Word.
  2. We need additional funding for a small truck in Tanzania. The cost for this is approximately $20,000.00. This will help in reaching more people in the outreaching villages with the Gospel of our Lord. Along with the Word, it will make us better stewards’  and help cut our transportation cost in moving all the heavy equipment and supplies in and out to these remote villages to complete the new wells.
  3. We need $6,000.00 for water filters for each home. This will provide 300 families with water filters. This keeps the water purified from the time they fill their jugs at the new well and use in their homes. The reason is that their jugs are not clean; thus, contaminating the new well water.

Locally, we need a volunteer secretary to help in the posting of the well reports as they come in and keep up with the Blog.

First, please pray about these needs and help these in need spiritually and physically. Your gift is appreciated.

God bless,

Tim Mulville