North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 15

North Mexico 2022 – WOH – WELL # 15

Group Name:

Colonia Jose Teran Berrones



Initial contact:

Martin Garcia Luna


: Martin Garcia Luna

Total Depth:


Static Level:








People Served:

6 families with 31 people.


August 17, 2022.

Testimony :

We want to thank God and Wells Of Hope ministry for the donations of this new water well. As you know water is a Vital necessity. We need water to survive it is not a want but a need to be able to live. Our families have been without water for a long, long time. Having to go to different towns to bring it into our town. Sometimes we get a pipe to deliver water, but it is not enough to do our daily cleaning, maintain our animals, and keep our plants alive. We encounter many difficulties and even more now since the whole state of Tamaulipas is without water. Not only Tamaulipas but Monterey and many parts of our country. Our rivers are dry, we have to really recycled our water. We use the same water to wash twice, then the water we use it for a toilet or for mopping for our plants etc. As you can see it has been a big struggle even more so now. This new water well is a big miracle for us. Thank you Wells Of Hope, so much for contributing to our Families. Thank God for Wells Of Hope, your ministry and for everyone that contributes to this ministry on behalf of all the families I want to say thank you and God-bless you. Pastor Felipe passed out new Bibles to all, and dedicated this well to us in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.