Tanzania 2020 – LOI WELL # 5

Tanzania 2020 – LOI WELL # 5

Group Name:

Bondeni – Mwabagalu



Initial contact:

Peter Wilson


The group people.

Total Depth:


Static Level:



6 reinforced cement rings.


India Mark II.

People Served:

54 families with 453 people.



The whole group was glad to get this new water well provide to them by Life Outreach International. They thanked God for Life Outreach International with a bucket salute! (In pictures below). Recently, they had no exact place where they used to get water. Although some of them had membership to one of the nearby pumps (The first picture ). This well was not very efficient due to wear over time. Due to the demand for water, some of them were traveling about 4 kilometers one way for drinking unsafe water from the river basin. This trip to the river basin to fill their containers was hard and it also takes away valuable time that the women need at home. They were so happy that Life Outreach International made this happen and gave thanks to God for sending them.